Noreen assists universities in adopting sustainable and regenerative practices in the field of international education. She has completed a degree, Sustainability in Enterprise, with University College Cork, a Postgraduate Certificate, Sustainability in Leadership with TU Dublin, is a member of various Climate Action groups in Ireland and globally.

She has delivered presentations for various global education conferences on Climate Action and International Education and seeks to help institutions incorporate sustainability into their internationalisation strategies.



Where an experience and knowledge of local markets allows, Noreen works on bespoke consultancy projects and enjoys the challenge of working on new ideas, with a network of consultants based around the world.

She has successfully assisted universities with internationalisation and sustainability strategies, partnership development and collaborative online engagement.

  • Carbon Footprint Assessment and emissions calculations
  • Sustainability strategy/ policy creation and implementation
  • Nature based solutions
  • Behavioural Change Management

Having completed a degree and various other training programs in sustainability and climate action, Noreen is devoted to developing sustainability strategies and solutions to combat climate change.


University - Social Enterprise Collaboration

Driven by a desire to do more in the countries in which I mobilise students to and from, the concept of connecting students, academia and social enterprises came about. Essentially, wherever we set up university partnerships, I seek to connect with, and understand social enterprises in that country and the work they are doing.

By connecting universities and social enterprises, the aim is to provide students and academia with a truly global, holistic experience through their university’s global partnerships.

To give structure to global communities of social enterprises and universities is to build awareness, connection, broaden students experience and give a voice to local social enterprises.

To encourage ourselves, how else and what else can we do in that country together for mutual, sustainable advantage.