Partnership Development

We initiate, develop and strengthen sustainable partnerships across many regions and all stages of the education cycle, working with agencies, high schools, colleges, universities and industry globally. We do this by working through a network of consultants based on the ground in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

In the past, we have established successful partnerships between universities for exchange, study abroad and research collaboration, and have connected institutions with recruitment agents, government bodies and industry in countries locally.

We strive to provide more study abroad, funding and research opportunities to students and academia in the institutions we work with. We believe in expanding partnerships to include industry and the corporate sector providing more employability opportunities to students after graduation. Our approach to partnership development is holistic, multi-level and sustainable.



Where our experience and knowledge of local markets allows, we work on bespoke consultancy projects and enjoy the challenge of working on new ideas, drawing on our expertise as a team based around the world.

We have successfully assisted universities with student recruitment, internationalization strategies, partnership development, market entry and campus diversity.


HIE - In Region

As a Team of consultants, we are spread across different regions but have a constant presence in Europe, East and South East Asia and the Middle East.

Having a team based in these regions allows us to connect with local institutions quickly and provides us with real time information on what is happening on the ground.

We have office locations in Dublin, Ireland and Beijing, China.

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In China we partner with BOSSA

Recognising a need to link Chinese and overseas universities that require collaboration and guidance in forming mutual sustainable relationships, HIE formed a partnership with Beijing HanSiBoYuan International Culture Development Co., Ltd., an entity appointed by BOSSA.

Located in Beijing and founded in 2004, BOSSA (Beijing Overseas Study Service Association), is the biggest NGO association of the international education industry in China.

The objective of this collaboration is to assist more than sixty Chinese universities in matching with overseas partner universities, applying to the Ministry of Education (MOE) for joint program approval.

HIE welcomes the opportunity to work with a local partner that specializes in program development and MOE approval, matching real demand from Chinese universities with suitable and vetted overseas institutions and closely working to MOE guidelines and program requirements.


University - Social Enterprise Collaboration

Driven by a desire to do more in the countries in which we mobilise students to and from, the concept of connecting students, academia and social enterprises came about. Essentially, wherever we set up university partnerships, we seek to connect with, and understand social enterprises in that country and the work they are doing.

By connecting universities and social enterprises, we aim to provide students and academia with a truly global, holistic experience through their university’s global partnerships.

We seek to inform social enterprises of possible collaboration and advantages to becoming part of this community of visiting scholars and Faculty to the countries they operate in.

We give structure to global communities of social enterprises and universities to build awareness, connection, broaden students experience and give a voice to local social enterprises.

We ask ourselves, how else and what else can we do in that country together for mutual, sustainable advantage.